Ethics Committee

The Division 19 Ethics Committee is a newly formed committee dedicated to providing leadership and consultation on military psychology ethics. Chaired by Assistant Professor Ioanna K. Lekea, PhD HAFA, the eight member committee draws expertise and experience from a wide variety of backgrounds. The committee is currently divided into five working groups focused on the following initiatives:

  1. Military Psychology Ethics Case Book development
  2. Web-based repository of ethics-related material for access by Division 19 members
  3. Newsletter for ethics-related articles or discussion topics for Division 19 members
  4. Consultation service for Division 19 members
  5. Establishment of a liaison element to the APA Ethics Office and Ethics Task Force working re-writes to the Ethics Code

The Consultation Service is currently available for Division 19 members.

Please email consultation requests to

Ethics Committee Members

Ioanna K. Lekea, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Chair)

David M. Sager, Ph.D.


Gretchen E. Kirk, Ph.D., ABPP


Erica Adkins, Ph.D., ABPP


CPT Christina Hein, Ph.D.


Richelle Concepcion, Psy.D.

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