MoU with SIOP

Memorandum of Understanding Between Division 14, Society for Industrial and Organizational Society (SIOP) And Division 19, Society for Military Psychology
Society for Industrial and Organizational Society (SIOP)
The Society For Military Psychology
Division 14: Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is the American Psychological Association (APA’s) division for Industrial and Organizational Psychology professionals.

SIOP’s Military Veterans Initiative (MVI) Task Force
The SIOP Military Veterans Initiative draws upon the qualifications and expertise of SIOP’s members who are uniquely qualified to help improve the employment situation of veterans, military members transitioning, and military dependents (e.g. spouses). Under the direction of the President of SIOP, Dr. Talya Bauer, the Task Force was created in November 2018 to formalize the efforts led by Dr. Nathan Ainspan and Dr. Kristin Saboe initiated as a prosocial volunteer project for SIOP in 2011. The Task Force provides formal reports to the SIOP executive board throughout the year and is governed by the SIOP’s Executive Committee chaired by SIOP’s president. Led by a Task Force chair and a committee, the task force meets monthly to discuss goals, project progress, and outreach efforts.

The task force is chaired by Dr. Kristin Saboe. The committee members include Drs. Nathan Ainspan, Patricia Engelhardt, Peter Reiley, Adam Kabins, and Josh Cotton.

The task force’s goals for 2019 include:

  1. Increase the awareness of IO efforts within military and Veteran employment contexts
  2. Produce informative products for public distribution related to the employment and well-being of Veterans, Military, and Military Family Members
  3. Initiate collaborations and partnerships with relevant professional organizations aligned with the purpose of the MVI TF.

Division 19: Society for Military Psychology is the professional organization of the American Psychological Association for psychologists working in military settings.

Agreement of Collaboration. This MOU establishes a collaborative relationship between Division 14 and Division 19 who share mutual interests in application of research and science in work and organizational settings as it relates to employment related efforts for Veterans, Guard and Reservists, and family members of former and current military members.

Drs. Nathan Ainspan and Kristin Saboe will be the points of contact for maintaining synchronization and reporting of efforts to both Division 14 and Division 19. Both are members of Division 14 and Division 19 allowing leadership and joint efforts between divisions.

Memorandum of Understanding Signatures