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The purpose of the Division 19 Online Student Chapter is to allow students without a campus chapter to get involved in the development of D19 programming, develop leadership skills, and network with other students nationwide.

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Students will have the opportunity to facilitate military psychology related presentations. These presentations should consist of the following recommended guidelines:

  • Host a professional member in the field of interest who can speak to military psychology. For example:
    • Current/former Military Psychologist (reserve or active)
    • Veterans Affairs (VA) Psychologist
    • Psychologists who have conducted unique research associated with the military, or para-profession individuals who have treated military personnel
  • Student facilitators should prepare an introduction and lead the Q&A session if time permits
    • If the student leader is unwilling/unable to introduce the presenter, please inform the Region Representative
  • Student facilitators coordinate the meeting/scheduling, as well as communications with the Regional Representatives and presenter

Email for information, inquiries regarding upcoming presentations, or to submit your recommendations.