Prospective Members

Membership in Division 19 can provide many benefits:

Membership in the division provides the opportunity to network with students and professional psychologists in the field.  With our social networking groups, listserv, APA convention social events, and large international network, we hope that you will make new friends, network to find new colleagues, and connect with new mentors in a supportive community. Through our Facebook and Twitter accounts, you will find active opportunities for involvement and frequent job postings.

Membership Categories

Members must have a doctoral degree in psychology or a related field from a regionally accredited institution. Annual dues are $27. Div. 19 members must also be APA members.


Associates must have a master’s degree or two years of graduate study in psychology or a related field at a regionally accredited institution. Annual dues are $27. Div. 19 associates must also be APA associates.


Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon Div. 19 members who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contribution or performance in the field of military psychology. (see criteria).

Application information can be found here.


There are three types of Div. 19 affiliate categories:

professional affiliates, international affiliates and student affiliates. International affiliates and student affiliates may or may not belong to APA, and professional affiliates do not hold membership in APA.

Other Membership Sub-types

Early Career Psychologists

All individuals with degrees conferred within 10 years are considered to be early career psychologists (ECPs) within the division. However, professional and international affiliates are not automatically tracked by our division’s systems. If you are a professional or international affiliate within 10 years of receiving your degree, please contact the Div. 19 membership chair to be added to our ECP list.

Dues-Exempt (Life Status) Members, Associates and Fellows

If you have received dues-exempt status from APA, then you are eligible to receive the journal Military Psychology for $19. Simply go to the APA division membership application and renewal website and follow the instructions.

Graduating Students

If you are a dues-paying student affiliate during the year of your graduation, you are eligible to be automatically granted member, associate, professional affiliate or international affiliate status for the remainder of the calendar year at no cost. You will also be automatically added to our ECP Listserv and connected with ECP-specific resources. This new status would immediately make one eligible for awards and grants for the various membership categories. To take advantage of this free service, please contact the Div. 19 membership chair and send the following information:

Month/Year of Degree Conferral:
Type of Degree Conferred:
Current APA Membership Status:
APA/APAGS Membership # (if applicable):

Please contact our Membership Chair, Dr. Erin Moeser-Whittle with any further questions using the form below: