2023 Division 19 Elections

Thank you Division 19 members for completing your ballots for this year’s division elections. I am pleased to announce the results of the 2023 elections – please welcome our newly elected officers who will begin their respective terms on 1 January 2024:


Arlene Saitzyk – President-elect
Ashley Shenberger – Member-at-Large
Delaney Granko – Student Member-at-Large

We had an outstanding slate for this year and good return on ballots.  Thank you to Arlene, Ashley and Delaney for accepting the trust and confidence of our members to serve in elected office. We look forward to your leadership.


Bill Brim – Division 19 Elections Committee Chair, President-Elect, 2023


Arlene Saitzyk, PhD

Member at Large

The Society For Military Psychology

Ashley Shenberger, PhD

Student Member At Large

The Society For Military Psychology

Delaney Granko, MS

President-Elect candidate townhall archived HERE.